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Electric cantilever axis Elektro VBK Series Metal Work

Range widening: Electric cantilever axis Elektro VBK Series

Metal Work's range of electric axis expands with the new cantilever axis VBK Series which joins the SVAK.
It is a belt-driven electric axis with a load-bearing structure made of anodized aluminum extruded profile and a linear guide system with rail and ball-recirculation pads.

As for the SVAK, the motor unit is fixed to the central body, which in the typical application remains stationary, while the extruded profile moves (so-called "cantilever" solution).

The VBK can be mounted in both horizontal and vertical orientations; for example, it can be used as a Z axis in a cartesian portal, typically with a BK Series Gantry.

Unlike the SVAK, the new VBK can be ordered with a stroke per mm (maximum stroke 1 m), complete with an adjustable belt-tensioning system and independent channels for pad relubrication. On the central body and on the heads there are threaded and centering holes allowing multiple mounting options; moreover, the extrusion has the characteristic V-Lock profile as well as an internal opening where to pass cables and pipes.

It is possible to purchase the axis with or without drive. The standard drive includes a brushless motor with brake, combined with a precision planetary gearbox available in two different transmission ratios. The motor unit can be mounted on either side of the central body.

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